Greek Language and Iconography Workshops in Greece +


LTES has been carrying out Intensive Language Workshops to more than 300 participants over the years and the Evaluations received have been outstanding. Without exception, all have agreed on the effectiveness and benefits of this kind of training. The training is based on significant attention to the individual, organized on the basis of one to one or very small groups.


Learning Form and Characteristics of the Workshop

  • The learning form comprises of highly interactive language workshops and social events.
  • Active learning and communicative interaction are an essential part of the methodology applied.
  • Throughout the Workshop a number of different native speaker instructors undertake specific sessions.
  • The aim is for the participants, even the beginners, to use Greek at all times.
  • The training is based on the learning needs of the individual as groups are very small (1-4 participants)

Duration and Time table

The length of stay may be one or two weeks. Feel free to make special arrangements regarding the number of hours you wish to attend!

Session 1

9:00 11:00



Session 2

11:15 13.15


13.15 14.15

Session 3

14.15 16.15



Session 4

16.30 18.30

Outings and visits, accompanied by instructors, are organized during those days.
All lunches and dinners will be in the company of instructors, if desired.
Sessions start Monday morning and finish Saturday at 12:45 and resume on Monday morning

Content of course

Upon registration, the participants receive a questionnaire which records the individual training needs. The curriculum of the Workshop is then designed based on these needs and it is communicated to the participants before the Workshop start. The general principles of the curriculum are the following:

  • Communication skill practice with every day situations
  • Writing reading listening skills
  • Structure of the language
  • Greek culture
  • Outings and sight seeing visits

  • Learning is performed in a highly pleasant environment, near the sea or near the Acropolis!
  • All day exposure to the language
  • Acceleration of the learning process owing to the different settings (learning beyond the setting of the classroom (Active Learning))
  • Individual attention to identified weaknesses in performance from the Needs Analysis process
  • The participants gain confidence in their speaking capabilities; they are able to be more spontaneous and natural when communicating in Greek, even at a basic level.


Enjoy learning Greek with learning art at the same time. You may replace the evening Greek course with lessons on Byzantine Iconography by an accomplished Iconography artist. Or you may come to enjoy only the iconography classes and have free time in the morning to get to know Athens! The total duration of this course is 15 hours, with lessons from 16:30-19:30. By the end of this course you will have created your own icon! No prior experience or knowledge of painting is required.

The idea of this workshop is to help participants feel the satisfaction of creation and get a hands-on understanding of the iconography technique. Step by step each participant completes a full icon within 5 lessons.

Specimen Time Table:

Monday Tuesday Thursday Friday - Saturday


16.30 19.30

Iconography lesson




For more information about the instructor, please visit: and/or


For the Greek lessons: A Hotel either in the city centre near Acropolis or near the sea (Vouliagmeni area).

For the iconography lessons: Pilarinos art Gallery, Mitropoleos square 11, 105 56 Syntdagma, Athens

Starting Dates of Workshops


All bookings should be made 40 days before the starting date of the workshop.


Option A: 1 Intensive Week of Greek lessons (1-4 participants)


Per person

1 week (44 hours)


Per hour

$ 34.60

Option B: 2 Intensive Weeks of Greek lessons (1-4 participants)


Per person

2 weeks (88 hours)


Per hour (for more than 60 hours)


The fee of the Greek lessons includes:

  • Initial needs analysis, level assessment and course design
  • The training sessions
  • Visits to local sites (transportation)
  • A complete workshop file
  • Final report with future recommendations

Option C Iconography lessons (15 hours)


Per person

15 hours of Iconography lessons

150 or $208

The fee of the iconography lessons includes:

  • The training sessions
  • All the material necessary for the painting of an icon.

The above fees do not include:

  • Accommodation and board (accommodation and half board can be provided at the hotel where the seminar is conducted at 80.00 euros per night per person, upon availability)

For Groups

There are special concession rates for groups. Different dates and specialized curricula can be adapted. Please contact us for further information and customised offers.

Fee for Groups (4 people and more)


Per person

1 week (44 hours)


2 weeks (88 hours)


Contact information:

Zoe Hadjianastasiou
LTES Academic Director

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Tel: +30 22990 - 40552
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