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What We Do
LTES is a unique company in Translation, Localisation, Education and Training for it is a constantly evolving organization in its field of activities. Founded back in September 1991, as a result of the need for language services in Greek and International markets, LTES is committed to offering services in the language domain and the development of businesses in the international world. LTES has been entrusted to constantly monitor company needs, to design customized and effective translation and localisation solutions, to develop methods catering for effective communication in business situations and to provide high quality training and services to those competing to meet the ever increasing demands of the workplace. Today it takes pride in its growth and prosperity.
More so, LTES is extraordinary in its international-wide network. We have the flexibility and the experience of offering our solutions to cover client company demands for a variety of language markets and delivery locations.
Going beyond this horizon, we have established an outstanding reputation in catering for client company needs in the Balkans and EMEA, supporting language networks which we have appointed in respective countries.
Continuous evaluations of the members of our networks are conducted as part of our quality assurance scheme in Greece and internationally.

Where We See Ourselves Going
In meeting the ever-changing demands of today’s global market, our job is never done. We continuously make ourselves aware of market needs and research into the latest developments to ensure top grade quality in everything we do.

And Going Beyond That
Our goal is to contribute to the flow of your organisational activities and objectives. We are here to provide you with the language tools you need to maximize performance, to stream-line international product shipping, cover company language learning demands and boost your communication network by giving your people the value of language.

Historical Background +
In 1991, we started in a modest way with the then Hellenic Bottling Company (3E). The volume of our work increased on the basis of the successful results achieved. In 1997, the Hellenic Bottling Company honoured us with the award of “Valuable Services to the Company”. It is a reflection of the success of our services that we are still conducting their English Language Training throughout Greece, with approximately 300 Participants and we are supervising their programmes in the Balkans.

Throughout the period 1991 to the present day, many other leading Companies, such as Price-Waterhouse-Coopers, A-B Vassilopoulos, Papastratos, AGET Heracles and others have joined our clientele. The excellent references from these Companies vouch for our professional integrity, our work and the very important fact that we care about what we do.

Professional Capacity +
The following tables outline the professional and academic qualifications of our in-house and freelance personnel:

Human Resources
Teachers 65
Linguists 45
Administration and Coordination 13

Staff Professional Experience
Percentage Years of experience

Academic Qualifications
Percentage Degree
60% University
40% Postgraduate
Also, 100% of our teachers have Certified TEFL qualifications

Roles and Activities +

Translation Department
The translation director oversees all division activities, has the overall responsibility for the quality assurance procedures ensuring that all activities meet the company’s standards and evaluating service performance.

  • Workflow: our workflow allows optimisation of the translation and localisation process cycle and ensures best possible coordination and management of resources, from internal to external personnel and from linguistic to non-linguistic technical resources.
  • Tools: we use industry standard computer aids for translation, localisation, and DTP, and we have strong technical background knowledge. We constantly monitor related technologies so that we maintain an up-to-date expertise in language related tools and technologies.
  • DTP: we comprise professional DTP service that allows us to process multiple file formats and deliver material to our customers in the required format so that no further processing is needed.
  • Quality Assurance: a team of language specialists supervised by our language quality assurance manager perform regular evaluations on translated and localised material. We emphasize on internal and customer feedback processing and on continuous development of our translators and reviewers and we ensure a uniform high level of quality.

Academic Department
The academic director oversees all division activities, has the overall responsibility for the quality assurance procedures ensuring that all activities meet the company’s standards and evaluating all personnel performance.

  • Curriculum development: a team of specialists is constantly researching into new publications and technologies for the further development of the materials carefully chosen to meet the particularities of the programme.
  • Examinations: an examinations officer has awareness of language testing exams administered, both in Greece and abroad. She/he has full responsibility over all exam candidates and also designs short intensive courses for the participant’s familiarity with the exam format and testing procedures.
  • Seminar and Workshops: a team of coordinators organise and design intensive business seminars to meet the current needs and the immediate objectives of the participants. Materials and scheduling are specified accordingly.
  • Academic Coordination: the senior academic coordinator is responsible for recruitment and oversees the overall facilitation of programmes in each company run by the respective coordinator who facilitates a successful programme as an advisor to instructors supporting them on all accounts and is the liaison between the instructors and the Training and Development Manager or the Client themselves. Highly trained instructors, each with their own charismatic style and vivid personality, provide a highly communicative session tailor-made to address their participants' needs and help them overcome their weaknesses and attain their objectives.

In-House Professional Development
Trained professionals organise methodology sessions covering a wide range of literature on updated theories and techniques, customized to cater for client company needs. Extensive theoretical discussions and critiques on work practices are put forth for criticism in an effort to maintain awareness of the latest developments in our fields of operation.
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