General Translations +
Our customers use LTES for translations of a variety of subject fields, including IT, Corporate Training, Marketing, Technical, Pharmaceutical and Legal. We pride ourselves on the quality we offer based on the use of state of the art Translation technology and Quality Assurance Methodologies as well as in, equally important, keeping to the requested deadline.

Translation of Product Documentation +
In today's global market, product documentation (User Manuals, Technical Specifications etc.) require successful management of complex multilingual products, reflecting the requirements of the local markets where products ship into. We help international companies develop their localised and/or multilingual documentation in a timely and cost effective manner.

Web Content Localisation +
Organisations publish their public content on the Internet and their internal content on their intranets. Today, World Wide Web hosts an enormous amount of content and numerous online applications. Competition at the international level requires successful management of multi-lingual content and quick turnaround of content updates. Our expertise in the field allows us to understand customer requirements and cooperate with them efficiently in order to help them achieve maximum utilisation of their content and succeed in the competitive international market.

Software Localisation +
Our experience in Software Localisation is paramount. Our people have been working in the field of Software Localisation since the early 90's, continuously until today, taking part in numerous localisation projects, from the first major projects that took place in the market to the most recent ones. Our customers in the field enjoy the comfort of an excellent service combined with world-class background knowledge and experience.

Multimedia Translation +
Translation and localisation of multimedia publications and products usually involve a variety of source file formats as well as a variety of publishing media. The level of complexity in a multimedia translation/localisation project requires rigorous processes, multiple field expertise, and strong project management skills. Our customers find that we offer an excellent combination of those qualities.

Linguistic Quality Assurance +
Linguistic Quality Assurance is a highly important phase in a product or document translation cycle. It is of vital importance that translated versions bear the same level of quality as the original versions and, therefore, all end users / customers share the same experience while using the language version of their choice.

Terminological Consistency
  • LTES prepares and updates glossaries for all undertaken projects. These glossaries are used internally to ensure terminological consistency.
  • LTES uses Trados Multiterm, an industry-standard terminology management tool in conjunction with Workbench, a state-of-the art translation memory tool.
  • Any feedback received from our customers regarding a particular way of translating certain terms is immediately incorporated into these glossaries and used for future translations.
  • Once a comprehensive glossary of a project is in place, all appropriate, recommended and/or approved terms are used consistently in the translated text.
  • Translation glossaries and translation memories developed and maintained by LTES are used by in-house and external linguists.

Integration of Modern Translation Tools into the Work Process
LTES translation process integrates fully state-of-the-art Translation Memory tools. LTES uses the Trados Program Suite versions 6.5, and 7.0. Following customer specific requirements LTES uses additional Translation Memory tools such as: Wordfast, Transit, Deja Vu, SDLX, etc.

Using Trados Translation Memory software, LTES achieves effectiveness and high quality of service:

  • Substantial improvement in translation consistency
  • Standardized linguistic quality
  • Terminology coherence
  • Highest level of productivity
  • Sizable reduction in turnaround time
  • Significant reduction in translation cost

All our processes, including the use of the appropriate translation memory software, are followed strictly both by our internal translators and by our external freelancers and/or translators provided by our subcontractors.

Ability to Manage Demand
Ability to Adhere to Deadlines - Urgent Work

LTES Production Planning is updated on a daily basis using the following process:

  • deadlines of the documents logged into the production system are analysed and priorities are set,
  • production workload, including all production tasks, is defined,
  • Human Resources are planned based on availability, priorities and other tasks,
  • resources are scheduled well in advance and to schedules are avoided

Rendered services