Business Language Training +
Language Training - Adapted to your Needs
Training services are specialized in a tailor-made approach to improve performance in communication in accordance with your company requirements, culture and field of operation. Contextually relevant business simulations and work related curricula are combined with effective teaching methodologies to help achieve goals. Apart from Business English programmes, German, French, Russian, Spanish, Italian and Modern Greek are offered to companies and professional individuals to meet their needs in becoming more effective communicators in their business environment.

Geographical Coverage - One provider
It is our obligation to cover the needs of a Company in whatever places the Company operates and our services are required. This results in standardizing corporate language training in all sites of company operation, applying the same academic standards. The company gains from spreading the company culture using a single provider. We cover the needs of companies anywhere in Greece as well as abroad. Following our clients expansion activities, we have offered Consultancy, Corporate language training and Teacher training in the following countries: Serbia, Romania, Bosnia, FYROM, Kossovo, Bulgaria, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia and Russia. In these countries our language programme was extended to more than one cities.

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LTES has offered Language training in the following areas:

  • Agrinio
  • Aigio
  • Alexandroupoli
  • Arta
  • Athens
  • Chania
  • Chios
  • Heraklio
  • Kalamata
  • Kavala
  • Korinthos
  • Kozani
  • Lamia
  • Larissa
  • Messologi
  • Patra
  • Rethimno
  • Rhodes
  • Sparti
  • Veroia
  • Volos

Learning Methodologies
The methods and techniques employed are learner-centred and communicative, enhancing utilization of meaningful language. We engage in task-based learning techniques, that is, realistic tasks with maximum participant involvement. All aspects of language are catered for in terms of successful performance in a variety of skills.
The language focus of each session is brought to the learnerís attention in context related to his working or social life. New vocabulary is taught with examples and in groups. This organization helps learners recall their meanings with greater ease and use them more readily.
The practice of language skills, namely reading, listening, speaking and writing, is enhanced in all sessions, as all skills are integrated throughout the course.
A variety of error correction techniques is employed, placing focus on self/peer correction during free language production activities, in which the aim is fluency and effective communication, rather than strict grammatical accuracy.


Context is an essential part of language training. Language in context is used for extensive exposure of the participant to the language, with the use of relevant videos, audio material and texts. Grammar is explicitly practiced in written as well as in oral tasks (gap-filling, multiple matching, guided sentence formation, role play and simulations). Each lesson should provide an opportunity for using new vocabulary and new structures in stimulating contexts, relevant to the participantís everyday working life.

Quality Assurance System
At LTES, we are committed to continuous development and further improvement of our quality standards. This is reflected in our quality assurance procedures, which cover all stages of the learning process and are based on maintaining regular contact with the stakeholders throughout the programme: Quality Plan Deliverables

Quality Plan Deliverables aim to help, manage and control the project in order to ensure that all parties understand and agree on the actions and corresponding responsibilities. Those deliverables are:

  • Description of Courses
  • Monthly reports
  • Semester reports
  • Attendance Sheets (registers)
  • Term Programme Evaluations

Academic Quality Procedures:

  • Class Observations.

A Coordinator attends a class with the objective of observing the teaching methodology and checking the adherence to the objective that has been set. This is done with prior notification to the Teacher and the Participants. Teachers receive feedback with relevant consultation.

  • Client Feedback.

Anonymous questionnaires are given out to the Participants requesting their evaluation on the Language Programme (see Annex 7).
Oral interviews are conducted by the Coordinator on days arranged by the Commission.
We also request feedback by the Commission taken with their own methods of evaluation.

  • Sample Teaching.

Whenever necessary, a Coordinator enters a class with the objective of teaching one session in order to determine learning habits which reflect the instructorís approach to teaching, as well as to determine learning difficulties by the participants, if any.

Business Skills Seminars +
Business English Seminars to sharpen skills

Business language training is intensified in an interactive programme ranging between 1 to 7 days. Innovative training modules are selected addressing the specific needs of participants in the aim to keep Business English skills sharp, improving work related performance. Depending on your field of activity, the English language seminar can be related to domains such as Supply Chain, Finance, Administration, Insurance, Engineering, and industries such as the Pharmaceutical, Medical, Food and Beverage, Insurance and Energy. A preliminary analysis determines the course programme in view of the target audience and the exact objectives.

Innovative training modules
These courses are tailor made and designed to address certain specific business and social language needs in greater depth and structured for intensive learning of the particular topics defined. A selection of modules may include the following:

  • Situational English for Social Purposes
  • Financial English
  • Commercial Correspondence
  • Effective Communication Skills
  • Expressing Views in Business
  • Brands
  • Knowing your Customer
  • Describing Trends and Movement, with reasons of change.
  • Effective Participation in Meetings
  • Other Specific Language training needs


  • All day exposure to the language and practice of the language (only English is used)
  • Acceleration of learning process
  • Specific learning needs are identified and addressed immediately as well as in a follow up
  • Exposure to a variety of international English, as a variety of professional native speaker instructors are used, which gives interest and momentum to each session.
  • Interaction with other Coca-Cola HBC colleagues in a learning as well as in a social environment.
  • The Seminar is a form of reward for the Participants and they gain a sense of accomplishment, while responding to conform to company needs.
  • Possibility for Function Specific content of the Course. For example, depending on request, only people from Coca-Cola HBC Supply Chain may participate in order to focus on Function Specific Business Contexts.

Learning Form

Highly interactive seminars and workshops designed for intensive development of language skills to cater for social and work requirements. Syllabi and business simulations are determined according to Company specifications and are carried out in a majority of one-to-one sessions in which the focus is on participant weaknesses and a number of shared Business English workshops during which interaction and exchange of ideas is beneficial to language development. All sessions are supported with audiovisual aids. Moreover, participants are communicating entirely in English on all occasions including breaks, meals, visits and outings as they are in the company of Native English Teachers at all times.

Level Assessment / Certification +
Evaluation, Testing and Certification

We undertake the placement of staff and/or individuals in levels of English competence, as well as the preparation for recognised examinations provided by reputable institutions (Cambridge ESOL, University of Michigan, the Trinity College London and LCCI etc.) for the acquisition of recognised language certificates.

Language Training Consultancy +
We offer consultancy services with the aim of helping our clients find the best possible language training solution in terms of cost and efficiency. Our wealth of experience in corporate language training in 10 different counties and in many different industries can ensure top quality training management and consultancy.

Training management and consultancy

  • We conduct language programme evaluations and audits
  • We advise the company on all strategic decisions concerning ELP
  • We offer training to the companyís suppliers
  • We help in the selection of suppliers/trainers

Modern Greek +
Our Modern Greek programmes are especially designed for expats who require a practical and working knowledge of the Greek language. Whether you are a complete beginner wanting to learn how to ask for directions and to shop at the local outdoor market or wish to communicate with colleagues in their mother tongue, our highly qualified team of professionals can assist you with improving your communication skills in Greek. For those requiring more business focused language skills, the sessions include specially selected material pertinent to specific business fields.

Rendered services