Conducting business and communicating with foreign markets/associates/colleagues, either for business purposes or for other specialized situations is an essential requirement in modern times.

We address this particular requirement of the international market with great attention and professionalism. LTES competitive advantage is based on its high specialization and its combined experience and expertise in:

  • Providing Translation and Localisation solutions and
  • Delivering Teaching Business Language Training to companies and professionals

In our Translation and Localisation offerings spectrum, our specialisation is built on outstanding long-term experience and strong qualifications that cover all aspects of the translation and localisation activity: From the linguistic domain to the technical one, and from monitoring and improving the human resource factor (translator/reviewer) to maintaining and advancing workflow methodologies. Our people share motivation, customer focus, enthusiasm and teamwork spirit.

In our Education and Training offerings domain, our specialization has contributed to the development of highly effective methodologies and has been attractive to dedicated and talented teachers. Since our first day of operation, our curricula were based on the needs and particularities of adults and our focus has been to develop ways of making the learning of the Foreign Language meaningful to the individual. We are committed to teaching participants how to use a foreign language politely, concisely, and effectively using a highly interactive methodology. However, we know that success would not have been possible without OUR PEOPLE. LTES is made up of very talented teachers coming from a wide range of disciplines and with varying backgrounds. We have found that their motivation, high demands, interests, lifestyles, vitality, flexibility, open-mindedness and knowledge of the world are our greatest assets in meeting our goal - excellence.

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